Vintage Postcard: Halloween Greetings!

Halloween Greetings, vintage postcard style! In the olden days, Halloween was celebrated by cherubic Christmas elves who danced around cauldrons.

Halloween Greetings - vintage postcard

This vintage postcard, along with dozens others, is part of a collection that belonged to Liz‘s husband’s grandmother. Some have no writing on the back and others were sent to her (postmark and hand-written dates range from 1908-1929).  Liz let me borrow and scan them so that I could share them here!

There was no date or writing on the back of this card, but it’s one of my favorites of the bunch. All the color is hand-painted over the printed image, and is still vibrantly gorgeous even though there are some obvious aging issues – the yellowing cardstock, the brown age spots (aka foxing, which is a term I like to throw around thanks to Antiques Roadshow), and the soft feeling of the paper.

Many more vintage postcard gems to come, both from Liz’s collection and my own growing stash. Some are pretty, some are weird, and some are just plain frightening. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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From her humble Midwestern beginnings, Dame Toadstool has developed into a lady of fine taste (as long as you are flexible with the definition of "fine"). She enjoys sarcasm, knitting, subversive cross-stitching, and will never stop using the Oxford comma.
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2 Responses to Vintage Postcard: Halloween Greetings!

  1. Loaf says:

    Love this one postcard! It’s fitting. you know, since the stores simultaneously get stocked with Christmas and Halloween stuff nowadays.

  2. Volatile Volscian says:

    That little Halloween potion elf is awesome.

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