Vintage Happy Valley: Crochet a Pillbox Hat

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Colder weather calls for hats and matching gloves. And what’s better than a nice handmade set that you crocheted yourself? How about a crochet pillbox hat? After all, “the whole smart world is putting on pillboxes.”

Pillbox Hat You Can Crochet Yourself

This is from 1941. A Utah County lady would have been ahead on fashion if she made one of these at that point, I think… though if it’s like many of the crochet or knitting projects I’ve started, sometimes I need a decade or so of a head start!

About Dame Toadstool

From her humble Midwestern beginnings, Dame Toadstool has developed into a lady of fine taste (as long as you are flexible with the definition of "fine"). She enjoys sarcasm, knitting, subversive cross-stitching, and will never stop using the Oxford comma.
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