What Am I DOING? Life is Super-Duper.

Yes. Life is super-duper today. To risk sounding like an old lady, I woke up with a huge painful knot in my back, then the first thing I did when I got to work was smash my finger. It’s all swollen and purple and it hurts to touch things. So between these two inconveniences, I’m not really doing anything today. And I’m pretty sure I only have one unfinished project right now (besides the super longterm ones from my first post).

It’s the socks!

I know, that background is amazing.

I haven’t done much work because I’ve prioritized Christmas presents over it. And I changed stitch suddenly, as you can see, because I learned a new one that I like. As I said, these aren’t going to match, and I don’t care.

As a followup from last time. Remember that scarf I wove and it looked like scheiss? I hated it so much I took it apart, which was easy because the weave was so loose, and it was only half-felted. I used this tutorial to knit it on a comb to make a better scarf! I used a fat comb and a nutpick, and I wove it over every tooth using the method where you wrap it around instead of straight weaving. Here it is!

It’s much nicer now. I made a cute brooch to go with it and I think it will be a present for my mom.

And one last thing, I’ve uploaded my recipes from the Redwall feast (finally!) Here are some photos, and you can find the recipes here.

Beetroot Salad

Mossflower Vegetable Stew with Dumplings

Cold Mint and Apple Tea

Winter Salad

Roasted Wheat Ears

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