What am I DOING? Tablet weaving of course.

I only have two projects that I’m really working on right now. Sort of. I’ve made no progress on the sock since last time, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

Here’s some tablet weaving:

It's trim for doll clothes.

I have about 1 foot left on it. Made with thread that’s probably for tatting or hand quilting or something.

And remember how last week I said that I would be done with my coat forever?

I lied!

I was dissatisfied with the placement of the pockets, so I ripped them off and put them elsewhere, except that I didn’t try the coat on to see if I put them in a good place until I was halfway through sewing the second one on. And they were in a worse place than before. So I just stopped right there and safety pinned it down so it wouldn’t flap around, and one of these days I’ll fix it. No photo for that, because, meh.

But here’s a photo of how my back yard is coming along:

I haven’t done work on it recently, but as you can see, my dad’s started to build the retaining wall. My sister moved nearly 4 tons of gravel from the front yard to the back yard. Wheelbarrowing it up a hill.

Tonight I’ll have a look into my fabric stash and see what I can make with whatever piece is on top.


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Volatile Volscian makes a lot of stuff in order to ease the time while waiting around to die. If she could have anything in the world, she would choose the ability to time travel so she can look at real medieval clothing instead of doing annoying research.
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One Response to What am I DOING? Tablet weaving of course.

  1. Dame Toadstool says:

    The fact that you can look at a pile of fabric and then make something from it totally boggles my mind. I generally need a pattern before I start something because I suck so much at winging it when it comes to crafts. 😛

    LOVE the tablet weaving design! I think that would make a really cool headband. It drives me nuts how awesome tablet weaving is (and looks) and that I don’t yet know how to do it.

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