Vintage Valentine Day Cards (for saints and sinners alike)

Vintage Happy Valley banner

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s impossible to avoid. February 14 is here with all the hearts and pink and candy and sweetheart this and that. Mass-produced greeting cards have been part of American culture for some time now… as evidenced by some delightful vintage Valentine Day cards that I found at an antique store right here in Utah. Remember the days before character licensing ruled over this special day? Nope, neither do I.

vintage valentine card - saint or sinner i'm a winner

Saint or Sinner, you’re a winner, because the Pope ousted St. Valentine from the official Feast Day Roster in 1969. Sixty-nine. Ahem. Moving on.

vintage valentine's day card - you weigh heavy on my mind

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a card that gives a visual representation of how fat your loved one thinks you are! It’s okay, the giver is willing to look past your cellulite if you’ll put out. Speaking of putting out… here is the original sentiment on the valentine from last week’s caption contest.

vintage valentine - always be tramping after you

My favorite vintage valentines are simply penetrated with innuendo! Hey-o! Did you know that tramps were once considered “gentlemen of the road?” I suppose the meaning has swollen to include ladies and persons of more androgynous nature.

Oh, you want innuendo? My favorite, possibly of all time, is this next one.

vintage valentine day card - You're a pretty package. I'd like to tie you to me.

For LIFE, Valentine. In my basement dungeon. You know what I mean. Oh, and here! I also got you a box of See’s candies.

And that’s where I should probably end this post, but there’s one more I have to share. Because it distracts and confuses me. What do you think of it? Examine everything: the creepy face, the weird butt hanky, the baseball cap with a coon tail accent…

vintage Valentine Day cards can be really, really creepy regardless of the message. This one's all in the art.

…aaaaaaand the box of candy that is clearly labeled “Made in U.S.A.” The squirrel is turned on by his patriotism! Or is she just eyeing his nuts? Who knows? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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