What am I DOING? More about socks, and piracy

I guess it’s obvious by now that I’m obsessed with socks. I just don’t have enough warm socks and the ones I do have need to be made to last as long as possible.

Which is why I’m doing this:

If you’re wondering what’s going on here, I don’t blame you. Here is the sad story of this sock and its mate.

I made them a few years ago using the Naalbinding technique (which I’ll address sometime in Historically Hers). But I was a fool! A foolish fool! I washed them wrongly often enough to felt them down to child size socks. But I couldn’t just abandon these socks which I’d worked so hard on and which were so warm and soft, so I cut some slashes in the ankles to make room to shove my duck feet through. Worked well enough for a while, but it still didn’t fit well, and it let the cold air touch my ankles. So, now I’m making the slash the entire length of the sock, and am filling it in with more naalbinding stitches to make it nice and big again.

Of course, it looks terrible because I don’t have any of the original yarn left, so I chose some that I didn’t want to weave with. But at this point, I’d rather the socks be functional, not beautiful. I have another pair that suffered the same degradation and will experience the same fate.

I’m still working on the knitting loom sock, but it’s in the car so I’m not going to get a photo.

Here’s the other thing I’m working on:

The Book of Jer3miah

Once upon a time, 3 years ago, a bunch of BYU classes went in together to make this webseries (/interactive experience, but I never really did that).

I desperately want this on DVD, but can’t find it! If anyone can, let me know and I’ll stop this piracy.

Since I can’t find it, I decided to download the videos and cut them together into a continuous film, which is much easier to watch than having titles and credits every 5-10 minutes.

It’s been a complicated process, downloading and converting the videos, and I have to do the audio separately because my Premiere is having problems with it. But, I like doing this stuff, and I think it’ll be worth it.

That’s really it right now. Remember that thing I mentioned last week that I needed to do for Etsy? Yeah I haven’t done that yet. It will be fast and easy once I get the fabric, but I go back and forth between my house and two jobs in Murray, Salt Lake and Provo respectively, so I just don’t want to do more driving to go shopping. But it will happen soon.

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Volatile Volscian makes a lot of stuff in order to ease the time while waiting around to die. If she could have anything in the world, she would choose the ability to time travel so she can look at real medieval clothing instead of doing annoying research.
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4 Responses to What am I DOING? More about socks, and piracy

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Just an FYI…The Book of Jer3miah is coming out on DVD at the end of March with a ton of new bonus features. AND a novelization of season one comes out in August. Hopefully that will save you some work. :)

    Thanks for being such an awesome fan of the show!

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve heard it’s coming out on DVD later this year, so please don’t pirate.

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