What Am I DOING? No Apologies.

Welp. I made an awkward silence on the blog. A really long awkward silence. But, it’s too late to apologize! So let’s move on with things.

[Disclaimer: I can’t get any more of my images to upload, so maybe those will come later.]


As you can see, I got the The Book of Jer3miah DVD! Yay! And it has deleted scenes! Yay! However, unless they are an easter egg (boo) or otherwise hidden (boo), there’s a bunch of web content that is NOT on the DVD (BOOOO). Like the character vlogs and the Davenport interview. I can’t even find those anymore on the site, but they are still on Vimeo as per the link above (I, of course, highly recommend Simon’s channel). More frustrating though, is that I keep finding more content! See, I didn’t really do the extra stuff when the series came out, so now it’s like I’m catching up. I have to chase everything down 3 years later. I hate chasing things down. Despite my love for this series, I hate trans-media experiences because I want everything to be all together so I don’t have to work to get the whole story.

Which brings me to my point: I still REALLY want to make a supercut. Cutting it into one big film, adding the deleted scenes and the vlogs, cutting out the episode breaks. It would be just for my personal viewing pleasure. Not like I’d be selling it or even giving it away. (so, technically not piracy, right? I did buy the DVD.)  I’m pretty sure I’m going to do that.

More film: I finally got to work a day on WWJD. The first day I was supposed to work, they ended the shoot early, before I got there. Then they canceled a bunch of shoots and otherwise didn’t contact me, and finally, last Saturday, I got to help out with the second-to-last filming day. The last is this Saturday and hopefully I’ll be helping then too. It’s sort of awesome, because, yay! Filmmaking! But sort of depressing because, Why don’t I get to do this all the time? Well. I least I get to do it at all, rare though it may be.

So, I am weaving a thing. This is probably not the smallest thing I’ve ever woven, but it’s definitely the smallest per amount of cards used. 16 cards on this. Here I’m using 100% silk and 100% merino in cobweb weight.

And I’m working on a couple of hoods, that I’ve let sit around for a week or so because I got annoyed that the pattern ended up smaller than I wanted. One is mostly sewn, the other is just cut out. And I have to redraft the pattern. Annoying.

And I’m loom-knitting another sock.

And I’m crocheting a rug. I used a skirt I hated to make the fabric yarn. It has a lot of seams in it, which is making the rug all lumpy. Well, see how much I care. I’m going to use up a blue sheet (a Batman sheet, actually) to add on to the rug, which will hopefully make it big enough.

And I am planting the garden today!

I feel sad that it’s been over a year since I worked on that comic that I mentioned in my first WAID post. I still think about it all the time. I’m just stuck on this dumb page where I have to draw so many characters in a group. I’m just not that good at drawing.

I also think about my script all the time, but I just… haven’t looked at it. For a long time. Not sure how long, but too long. Long ago, like 4 years ago, I was reading it at a writing group and my friend who later directed a film that I cut for him, told me to let him know when I finished it. Well sorry, JDM, but that just hasn’t happened. But now I have a tiny hope that maybe there’s a possibility that it could, God willing, actually get produced. That’s good incentive to finishing a script, eh? You know, since I do sort of know people who are producing independent films. A thought that is both exhilarating and frightening.

Alright, let’s be honest. When people I know are making films and I’m not, a huge sword of jealousy stabs my heart and my soul cries out, “Why hast thou forsaken me!” which, interpreted, means “Why the fuck are you not asking me to help?”

Okay, enormous blog post finally over. Do tell me what’s going on with you.

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