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The Cotton Floozy finds solace in subversive embroidery, clever crochet, and teaching her kids how to be normal in an abnormal society. She finds horrifically awesome things in Utah Valley and shares them here.

Scandalous Find at The Dollar Store!

I really really like the dollar store. This meshes well with my lowbrow tastes in cuisine and novels and Velveeta. You can buy so much awesome at the dollar store! You can even buy this: Can you believe this?! I … Continue reading

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My tale from The Vagina Testimonies at Sunstone Symposium: Bertha Goes to Heaven

Every year, many Mormons, post-Mormons, and Mormon-flavored people get together and talk about things — openly, intellectually, artistically. It is called the Sunstone Symposium. I took part in a Eve Ensler-inspired session titled ‘The Vagina Testimonies.’ Some talks were serious. … Continue reading

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Floozy Finds: The Awesomest Sweatshirt EVER

Recently it was my birthday. And I got some cool stuff. One of the neatest things I received was this sweatshirt from my sister. Here is a closer look: Oh, wait. Was that the same pic!? I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Floozy Finds: “Get Some” Doomsday Preppers

I live in Utah County. When the End of the World hits, this place will be fine. Even I probably will be. First off, because I am surrounded by hardcore survivalists. Secondly, because I can barter my diet coke for … Continue reading

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Floozy Finds: her sanity at the bottom of a communal sweatshop sandbox.

I had planned on waking up this morning and harvesting something brilliant and funny from my ass for my Thursday slot of Floozy Finds! Doh! That did not happen. My mom needed me to rush up some things for her … Continue reading

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