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Real Life with Vintage Jodie: February Favorites

At the risk of everyone rushing out and buying up all my most favorite things, I am going to share some of  my current favorites with all y’all. (I can say that because I once had a roommate from Texas.) … Continue reading

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Floozy Finds: her sanity at the bottom of a communal sweatshop sandbox.

I had planned on waking up this morning and harvesting something brilliant and funny from my ass for my Thursday slot of Floozy Finds! Doh! That did not happen. My mom needed me to rush up some things for her … Continue reading

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Floozy Finds: Family Car Decals, Floozified

In Utah county we are honking proud of our families. And we want the world to know it. The best way to showboat your family is to dress them all in matching zipperless trousers and/or calico bonnets and then send … Continue reading

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