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Dame Toadstool's vintage pillowDame Toadstool (Proprietor & Web Commander of Mediocre Skill) has lived in Utah County since since her husband’s job transplanted them from the Midwest in 2005. After a rough period of adjustment as a feminist Pastafarian living in Conservative Weirdo Land, she regained her composure through knitting, cross-stitch, and a small circle of crafty and off-kilter lady friends.  Dame Toadstool has a “salt of the earth” mentality with a penchant for coffee, sarcasm, geekery, and skepticism. She wants you to be her friend on Twitter (@DameToadstool).

The Cotton FloozyThe Cotton Floozy (Esteemed Managing Editor) was born and raised in Utah. As the perfect Molly Mormon, she married young and had a few kids… but then something went awry (perhaps related to her love of urban fantasy and trashy vampire/zombie novels). Now she finds solace in subversive embroidery, clever crochet, and teaching her kids how to be normal in an abnormal society. You can stalk her on Twitter (@TheCottonFloozy), her blog, and buy all of her handmade goods on Etsy. Look for her booth at local art festivals and check out her wares in person at Signed and Numbered in Salt Lake City.

Jodie and her precious bikeJodie Holdman (Contributor and Graphic Artiste) is a graphic designer who also finds joy in creating jewelry and ephemera for her Etsy shop (Real Pretend Vintage), baking sinfully caloric treats, and crocheting with her daughter. Her husband and young son have not yet shown an interest in needlework. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Jodie is devoted to being socially non-committal. She still finds Utah odd after living here for 15 years, but riding her beach cruiser bicycle always puts her in a good mood.

Volatile Volsican

Volatile Volscian (Contributor) was once fired from a job for not writing on the company blog often enough. She obtained a useless degree from BYU, where people didn’t believe she was from Utah. She makes a lot of stuff in order to ease the time while waiting around to die. If she could have anything in the world, she would choose the ability to time travel so she can look at real medieval clothing instead of doing annoying research. Second on the list is getting a hysterectomy. To support these endeavors, please consider buying multiple things from Fairesisters, her Etsy shop.

Sally ForthrightSally Forthright (Contributor) has a tendency to hide her true personality in public due to a common affliction known as paralyzing introversion. The truth is that her mind and her varied artistic creations are dirty and/or controversial enough to make the average person uncomfortable… doubly so here in her home state of Utah. She looks forward to sharing them with you. Sally works a boring desk job where she doodles on spreadsheets, scarfs down more chocolate than is probably healthy, and takes pleasure in sports like Minesweeper and Sudoku. She loves all colors of the rainbow except lime green and has a propensity for identifying phallic and yonic shapes in everything.

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