What Am I DOING? Say Cheese!

Hey kids! It’s fun time at my house (which we call the Burrow).

I am making cheese for the premiere of The Hunger Games! Yes, true and verily fresh goat cheese wrapped in basil. Oh baby am I hardcore or what. I am so excited about making cheese!

I forgot to get the basil out for the photo.

I am also weaving some trim for my friend Derpenna. (Yeah, I just take my friends’ names and replace the first part with “Derp”.) The gold thread is so shiny, it was hard to photograph.

Tiny trim for a doll.

I’ve been attacking my home videos. It’s excruciating, everyone so desperate for attention, but I’m almost done with the first tape. It will be cut down to about 1 hour from 2 hours. I’ll try for 45 minutes. There is a lot of the camera staring at the baby for no reason. I don’t like babies, even though this one grew up to be my cool younger sister.

Adobe Premiere Pro: At least not as ghetto as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Other film things: I have two on-call editing jobs, one with my cousin’s marketing company, Olive Tree, and one with the SPG (you don’t know what that is, and I don’t feel like telling you.) I’m working on some stuff right now for both of them. For Olive Tree I’ve been cutting an ad and tutorials for Bling Time. Pretty sure they’re local, because otherwise why would they go to my cousin’s company? I’m starting on the SPG project tomorrow, it will basically be a training video. (Any chance to edit, is a chance to edit.)

Another, much more exciting film thing: Local film WWJD is resuming production at the end of this month. I’ve never met the director, but I’ve seen him act in things (is that creepy?), including a film that I cut; and I know a bunch of people he knows, including several people working on this film. He asked on Facebook for production volunteers, and I, of course, applied. I see no reason why he wouldn’t accept me, except for my schedule. We’ll see. Actually, I have to admit that the thought of working on a set again kind of makes me nervous.

So, I think that’s it right now. What have you guys got going on?

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Volatile Volscian makes a lot of stuff in order to ease the time while waiting around to die. If she could have anything in the world, she would choose the ability to time travel so she can look at real medieval clothing instead of doing annoying research.
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3 Responses to What Am I DOING? Say Cheese!

  1. lizzie boredom says:

    goat cheese! how’d it turn out? and how did you like the movie? i’m skeptical it’s lived up to the hype, but totally value your film opinion.

  2. Volscian says:

    The cheese was good. It didn’t turn out as expected, but still good. It was supposed to be neufchatel, but ended up as a more solid cheese, that crumbled into curds. A very mild flavor like ricotta.

    The movie was good too! It wasn’t a shiny, glamorous bloodbath like you’d expect. It was gritty and tense with an excellent focus on the social/political distortion of the world. I found it to be an excellent adaptation of the story to film. Not a strict translation, but the liberties they made were well-justifiable for the sake of the medium.

  3. Shannon says:

    Gah! I wish I’d known. I would have used you in a heartbeat. But then I didn’t work on it after the original shooting, so maybe that wouldn’t have been as much help as I’d hoped. But really, would have used you in a heartbeat.

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